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[交流] What is the best build for Dead Necromancer?

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There are many different basic occupations and sub-occupations in Path of Exile, and each different occupation can carry out a large number of different builds, and each different build can make your occupation different from similar occupations.

Among these large builds, there are some recognized best builds, and the best builds can give you more advantages in PvE or PvP. Of course, if you spend a lot of POE Currency to buy powerful weapons, helmets, etc., it is also possible.

Although players from "Diablo" will find it very simple after getting familiar with the gameplay of Path of Exile, the build method of Path of Exile is still very different from "Diablo". I will tell you below Your best build for Dead Necromancer.

The popularity of Dead Necromancer in Path of Exile is very high, because Dead Necromancer's strength is very high, and the best build I will introduce next is Detonate Dead Necromancer.

The gameplay of Dead Necromancer is to summon minions to attack the enemy, and at this time you just need to watch from a distance, and Detonate Dead Necromancer is to detonate these minions to cause a devastating blow to the enemy.

This build is based on the classic Summoner Necromancer build and then adds the two skills Volatile Dead and Detonate Dead. At this time, your servant will explode, and at the same time it will detonate the surrounding corpses, forming a chain explosion, which is very powerful .

A good build is just the beginning. You still need powerful weapons, helmets or other POE Items to strengthen your Dead Necromancer. You may need a lot of POE Currency. If you don’t have enough POE Currency, you can go to poecurrency to buy it. This is a very Professional websites sell a lot of cheap Divine Orb with fast delivery and safe payment. It is definitely your best choice to buy POE Currency.

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