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Mikocon FTP Usage Guide - Filezilla (English) - [V1.0 2022-03-08] (Filezilla Ver.3.8.0 or below only)

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Several years ago, FileZilla did not support the privacy settings our FTP server used, and this has been fixed around last year.
Our previously recommended FTP client is SmartFTP but the particular version that is easy to use is no longer usable after a certain Windows 10 feature update. Sorry it took so long to write a new user guide.

Step 1
  • Please download FileZilla FTP Client from the official site:  https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?show_all=1
  • You can select one with an installer (.exe) or one not require to install (.zip). 64-bit version is generally used.
  • If you do not use my link,FileZilla official site has a sponsored version with a big green download button which may contains junk software. You need to click Additional Download to see the clean version.


Step 2
  • If you downloaded the installer, please follow the instructions in setup. The below instruction is for the installer-free zip version. Please open the zip file and extract FileZilla to a directory of your choice. A path without non-English characters are recommended. For example, the example used C:\Tools\Filezilla
  • Installer-free Version: Please run Filezilla.exe, you can also make a shortcut to the exe on desktop if required.
  • Installer Version: Please run FileZilla from Desktop or Start Menu.


Step 3
  • On first start, FileZilla should be in English, or could be matching your system language.
  • To change language, please go to Edit -> Settings


Step 4
  • If required, change to your language and then restart FileZilla.


Step 5
  • We shall start setting up the FTP connection by going to File -> Site Manager
  • Click New site


Step 6
  • Refer to the account data provided by the admin, fill in Host (in green),Port (in blue),User and Password (in red), to the applicable fields.
  • To avoid server being attacked, please do not review our server address and port. The account data provided in the screenshot is not real, for demonstration only.
  • If your internet connection is blocked (e.g. Great Firewall), access to encrypted Port YYY may not be blocked. You can try using Port XXX which is not encrypted, in this case, VPN/Proxy is highly recommended。


Step 7
  • In the next tab, you can change the maximum concurrent downloads. Note FileZilla does not support downloading 1 file with multiple connections (called multi-part transfer).
  • This guide is a basic one using free FTP client FileZilla, if you wish to use a FTP client which have multi-part transfer capability, CureFTP Pro or SmartFTP (latest version) is recommended. Since these software are paid, and very often change the user interface after major version updates, unfortunately user guide will not be provided for these clients.
  • Our FTP server uses Shift-JIS as file encoding. You can also force FileZilla to use UTF-8.
  • Some files not named 100% in Shift-JIS compatible characters cannot be downloaded from our FTP server. Please contact admin to rename these files so that they can be downloaded. Unfortunately we have not found any alternative file-hosting server software that can fulfil all our requirements.


Step 8
  • Save the site setting by pressing OK, Confirm that you want to save the password.


Step 9
  • After the site is setup, you can connect to the FTP archive using the following three methods:
  • 1. Open the site manager, double click Mikocon
  • 2. Open the site manager, click Connect
  • 3. Access the arrow next to the Site Manager icon which is under File, then press Mikocon.


Step 10
  • On first connection, FileZilla will request you to confirm the server certificate. Please accept it.
  • Due to our server's privacy setup, there is a TLS session resumption warning, please accept it.


Step 11
  • Your FTP account contains a portion of [New Release] and a portion of [Archive] credit. There used to be two different ports to connect to the server, but that have been integrated to the same entrance in 2021 to reduce complexity.
  • Select the [Archive] folder in the tree or double click in the file list to enter the Old Releases (over 12~24 months since on sale). Same for [New] folder for New Releases (less than 12-24 months old).
  • To ease management, many content in FTP is segregated in yearly folders, at least 1 year worth of content will be available as New Release.


Step 12
  • Most commonly used categories are Commercial Games (企業ゲーム) and Doujin New Releases (同人 (新放流)).
  • When content is published on Mikocon, they are immediately available in Mikocon FTP.
  • Unrelease content less than 36 months old are not accessible by Mikocon FTP users. Please use Mikocon VIP or Exchange service.
  • When Package Version of commercial games are released publicly, the relevant own-bought DL Version if available, is also open for download in Mikocon FTP (They are usually smaller in size, not require to install, but may be missing some bonuses). To ease management, Commercial Games are separated into Own-Bought (自炊) and Non-Own-bought. They are integrated about 36 months after releases. Unreleased content will also be available after integration.
  • If Mikocon obtained own-bought Doujin content after releasing a non-own-bought version, they will be updated to the respective Doujin category folders, without temporarily available in Doujin New Releases (同人 (新放流)).
  • Due to short-staffed, content in Mikocon FTP is not updated daily. Please refer to daily update lists in https://www.mikocon.com/forum-107-1.html to show what have been added recently.
  • If you are interested in help to manage Mikocon archive, please contact 提督


Step 13
  • First, select the folder you want to store the downloaded files on the left pane (Local) of FileZilla
  • Then on the right pane (Remote), select the file or folders you would like to download, drag to the left pane to add to download queue.
  • By default, the queue is already started, so the download will start immediately.
  • If download has failed, please confirm your remaining credit is sufficient. For resuming transfer, your remaining credit must be more than the size of the file to (re-)start download.


Step 14
  • To start/stop the queue, change priority, you can right click on the queue pane or the files in the queue.
  • Click on the Remote File or Size to sort files in the queue if required. The files will be downloaded in the order of Priority, then from top to bottom.
  • If you wish to download many files, it is typically faster to download starting from larger files to all files completed.


Step 15
  • If you wish to use a VPN/proxy, you can change the setting in Edit -> Settings -> Proxy.



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Cheers, wish I would've had this a few months back :P

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