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[公告] [測試] 显卡挖矿换 FTP 或论坛币 (挖1-3天换一个月FTP帐号) / Mining to exchange Mikocon FTP or VIP credit

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最近虛幣又火上來了,論壇現測試提供挖礦換 FTP 流量或論壇幣的方案。

GTX 1060
RTX 2060
RTX 3070
1個月普會 FTP流量 (100G新作+40G舊作)0.1 mBTC
Mikocon 500 日元捐款
0.2 mBTC

由於比特幣波動大,交易成本高,以上匯率定的較為保守,除非你打算作特大額捐款,論壇目前不接受 BTC 或者其他加密貨幣的捐款。

挖磺量大的,本站有大量 iTunes 日本,PSN 香港/日本,Webmoney 日本,Bitcash 日本券等等的可作獎勵。

本站使用的是 Nicehash 挖礦服務。
挖礦地址 3JcYJ6Qg7gTjA4wR58eS24y8LYd88mC97E
注意該地址不支持接收貨幣 (未測試),存進去了不一定收到,可能會被平台吃掉。

你的顯卡必需含內存 6GB 或以上,否則只能挖價值較低的礦 (效率一半)。

1. 下載 Nicehash Miner (支持A或N卡) 或是 Nicehash Quickminer (只支持N卡)
2. 設置挖礦地址 3JcYJ6Qg7gTjA4wR58eS24y8LYd88mC97E
3. 設置 Worker Name,不一定是論壇 ID,申請獎勵時能報出來就可以了。這樣我才可以看到你挖了多少
4. 設置啟動 GPU 挖礦 (CPU 目前收入低於電費)
5. 開始挖礦


Recent rise in Crypto-Currencies has make it worthwhile to re-introduce mining in exchange for Mikocon forum credit or FTP.

Exchange itemsRequired Coin
GTX 1060
RTX 2060
RTX 3070
1 Month of FTP (100G New Release+40G Archive)0.1 mBTC
72 Hours
54 Hours28 Hours
Mikocon 500 Yen Donation
0.2 mBTC
144 Hours108 Hours56 Hours

Due to fluctuation in Bitcoin value and high transaction fee, the exchange rate is set to a rather conservative value.
Unless you are making a very big donation, 2DJGAME/Mikocon does not accept Crypto.

We also offer rewards in iTunes, PSN, Webmoney and Bitcash vouchers if you mined too much for us.

2DJGAME/Mikocon uses Nicehash as mining provider.
You can mine to our address at 3JcYJ6Qg7gTjA4wR58eS24y8LYd88mC97E.
Note this address cannot accept deposits (untested),we cannot confirm if it will deposit or get eaten.

Your graphics card should have memory of 6GB or more,or your mining efficiency will be rather low.

1. Download Nicehash Miner (Nvidia or AMD) or Nicehash Quickminer (Nvidia only)
2. Setup mining address as 3JcYJ6Qg7gTjA4wR58eS24y8LYd88mC97E
3. Setup Worker Name, does not have to be forum ID. It is for us to verify your actual mining amount for exchanging FTP/forum currencies
4. Set to mine with GPU only (CPU mining probably cost more than electricity cost)
5. Start miner.

Note: 2DJGAME/Mikocon is not responsible for increased electricity bill or risk of damage to your equipment. Mining is generally as safe as playing games as long as your card is not overclocked.

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