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[Announcement] Mikocon forum was hacked last month and the hacker added a script from a site starting with 0x. We advise you change the password here and all other sites that you share the same password.

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A hacker hacked one of our staff's admin account, probably due to weak password, and called a script from a site starting with "0x." to our footer on 20 Aug.

No one reported the problem to us, and so I have only discovered it just now and have removed the link to the script.
I also do not know what that script does.

I personally use Noscript so I never triggered the script myself.

If you have been logging into Mikocon since 20 Aug, your password may have been compromised.
Although there is really nothing worthy to be stolen on Mikocon, if you have used the same password elsewhere, we would recommend you to change the password to avoid any potential losses.

We're very sorry for the security problem. Sadly we don't have the knowledge or manpower to ensure it does not happen again.
Everyone should take caution on the internet.


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