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[旧作] [Special Promotion] Free additional 500 Yen VIP credit or 3 months FTP upon not renewing your Rapidgator/Uploaded premium and purchase premium using new account

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As you may or may not know, our account on AS has been banned for trivial matters, by the same person that sticky several thousand threads on every board, that makes AS difficult to navigate. Our release threads, along with other uploaders', are already effectively invisible several pages down the list, and a ban is really uncalled for.

I hope everyone of you appreciate the cleanliness of the Mikocon forum. Although the ban is only 14 days, there will likely to be more of these bans in the future.

If you currently have a Rapidgator and/or Uploaded.to (Ul.to) premium, be it from us, from AS or from other sites, we highly recommend you not to renew the premium account, and instead register a new account and purchase premium through us using the new account.

Mikocon VIP Guide: https://www.mikocon.com/thread-39238-1-1.html

Benefit of Mikocon VIP: You can use [Access] to exchange unreleased Voice/CG/Doujinshi works if we have it.

For premium accounts purchased on or after 5 Mar 2020 00:00 (GMT+8), that is used to replace a premium account existing prior to 5 Mar 2020, you will be entitled for the additional bonus, one of the two below:
1. 500 Yen worth of VIP credit, on top of the existing premium account rewards.
2. 3 months of Mikocon Public FTP account, on top of the existing premium account rewards.

1. The premium purchased on your new account must be showing under our account, as a "new sale" not "renewal" in Rapidgator/Uploaded to be qualified.
2. You must show the "Payment" page or payment proof of the old account with payment history before 5 Mar 2020.
3. You must show the "Payment" page or payment proof of the new account with payment history on or after 5 Mar 2020.

You can blur/mark out personal details such as payment addresses, part of the email addresses/user ID, as long as it can still prove you meet the criteria.

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