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[Announcement] Due to real life work, private message reply speed is reduced to 3-7 days

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I only have in average about 15 minutes free every day to answer private messages.
If the time is up I'll process the next time I'm available.

If you have particularly urgent matter, please put your issue in summary in the very first line.
I do not open a private message that I cannot process that day as all opened private message will be lost in the sea of new messages I receive every day.
You are welcomed to remind me every 1-3 days if there are outstanding issues not being handled.

All file lists are no longer updated in forum as those takes about 90 minutes to generate, which is far beyond the free time I have now.
New contents are added to our server and available for download/exchange regardless of the lists in forum.
Feel free to ask if you want something electronic.

Please note that we no longer have staff in Japan. We no longer accept any scanning request.
The exception is to request we buy certain games/bonus, they will be delivered to Hong Kong which takes extra 1-3 weeks.
In most cases we'll subsidize users who already planning to buy that game (so that he will buy the requested shop).

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