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[English] Simplified Mikocon VIP Q&A [Ver.2016-11-22]

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This page is written for users that do not wish to read the long announcement available here.

Uploaders who re-upload 2DJGAME / Mikocon content, are not welcomed.

First and foremost, summary of rules of Mikocon VIP Scheme
  • No re-distribution of any part of content obtained from Mikocon VIP, not even to friends and families.
  • No backup of unreleased content to cloud storage or shared folder that could be downloaded by someone else
  • No CG RIPs derived from unreleased games.
  • Cracks shall not be re-distributed even if the game is already released.
  • If you wish to translate a game or manga chapter, please first contact Admin.

How Mikocon VIP content are priced (in [Access])
  • Digital-Only Content – Commercial Games early release, Doujin Games and Anime – 40-45% of Price on dlsite / DMM.
  • Commercial Games available in Box / Package – 35 – 40% of Manufacturer Set Price.
  • Manga Magazine Scans – 200% of Magazine Price

It cost thousands of Yen / Access for unreleased content?
  • Some people don't mind paying us to get games / anime / magazine scans at relatively low price. Which force us to set the initial price very high.
  • Mikocon VIP as similar to a magazine subscription, where it is a one-off donation that last for 1-2 years.
  • If you already buy games, or premium account regularly, Mikocon VIP is effectively free!

What unreleased content do you have?
  • Simply login to see. We have over 150 unreleased games and anime.
  • We have a decent level of understanding of Game Engines, to decrypt games currently without a crack (with a legal key we bought).

I do not have a Mikocon account, and I can’t register!
  • If you are a constant unreleased content supplier, we can maintain communication by email.
  • If you cannot complete the registration process, or being lazy, please email a username/password to contact@mikocon.com. Our staff can create a new account for you.
  • Access Mikocon VIP Content requires a Mikocon Account.

I bought this game, and a few hours later, you post it on Nyaa!

How Mikocon VIP [Access] is gained
  • Rapidgator Premium (1Mo: 880 x 80 = 70400 Access / 3Mo: 1700 x 80 = 136000 Access)
  • Uploaded Premium (1Mo: 670 x 80 = 53600 Access / 3Mo: 1630 x 80 = 130400 Access)
  • Bitcash or Webmoney Donation (1000 Yen: 1000 x 80 = 80000 Access)
  • Bitcoin Donation (1000 Yen: 1000 x 80 = 80000 Access, Refer to Same-day BTC Rate)
  • Provide Original dlsite files (Various, depending on released and content type)
  • Provide unreleased games (Typically 40%, more or less depending on Bonuses)

How [Access] is given?
  • In effect, a member pay a deposit to gain access to unreleased content.
  • For a 1000 Yen donation or equivalent, you gain 1000 [Access] to use immediately, then 250, 257, 264, 271, 279, 287 … 2000 every week in increasing amount. Until 80000 Access is given in total. Typically it takes 18 Months to receive the whole amount.
  • For a typical user who purchase 3 month premiums, by the 12 months, the user will have too much [Access] and can access all our unreleased games if he wanted to.

What extra perks are available?
  • For total donation (or equivalents) of 10000 Yen, there will be a free FTP account with 100GB (new release) and 30GB (archive) download credit per month.
  • For premium account purchases. Free 1 Month FTP (100GB/30GB) for every 1 Month premium purchase (up to 3 Months).

How do I apply for [Access]?
  • Show proof of your premium purchase - Your country, link you purchased from, duration of the premium, and the date of purchase. If you purchased a premium by clicking a non Mikocon/FTW link, it may not be counted.
  • Contact 提督 for donation options, or to provide unreleased content.

I heard FTP has VIP content?
  • Our FTP has three access levels
  • Tier 1 (Released content) is available for purchase by Mikocon members.
  • Tier 2 (VIP Release) is available for 2DJGAME VIP members only.
  • Tier 3 (Non-Public) is available for exchange and staff access only.

I want some content that is not available in Private Release
  • Feel free to contact Admin.
  • If we already have that content, you can exchange with [Access]
  • If we don’t have that content, we can purchase on your behalf at our cost to purchase it.
  • If we think it is worthwhile to purchase, we will pay for it.

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is read access and the number next to it means the points that I need to have?

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asahan replied at 2017-4-14 22:20
is read access and the number next to it means the points that I need to have?

Points is for the ranking in the forum. Access is the expendable VIP credit, which does not decrease your points after used.

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