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Magazines in this sub-forum is restricted to private access only. (2DJGAME VIP or Mikocon VIP)

2DJGAME is a community that aim to give Chinese users access to Japanese games.
We have expanded to include Manga Magazines by our new subsidiary Comic ONE.
Magazines are expensive to ship and difficult to import, and digital version is not readily available overseas.
We have no intention to interfere with sales in the Japan market.

As such, we purposely delay releases of magazines that are available in 2DJGAME but not publicly elsewhere.
We believe that a delay of no less than 21 days from release date is reasonable for all parties to benefit.

Mikocon VIP is primarily intended for users located outside Japan, that quick and inexpensive access to latest releases are not possible.
If you intend to join Mikocon VIP for the purpose of re-distribute our exclusive content elsewhere, please do not join to avoid disappointment.

For more information about Mikocon VIP, please see this sub-forum.
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