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Mikocon»Forum ゲーム関連 (Game Category) ゲームCG (Game CG) 予備放流 CG (Pre-Release Game CG)
This area is for preparation to release Mikocon / 2DJGAME - Team Guishen CG to the public.
Due to Filehosts only counting 1 IP every 24 hours, Mikocon only release limited amount of CG per day.

It cost 10 [Access] for each link. The post content is identical to what we will release, including Rapidgator/Uploaded/Bigfile/Mikocon Public FTP.
For Mikocon FTP users without a premium account, please download from Mikocon FTP.
For Mikocon VIP users with a premium account, you can download from here.

For other users, please wait for release.
Please consider this as a private release area.


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